The Unforgiven follows a group of rebels trying to survive in a world that wants them dead.


Twenty-five years ago, there was a war that destroyed most of the planet. Now, the survivors of the cataclysm live in the World United Nation–a walled-in expanse of North America, ruled by a singular government: The Triumvirate. The world may be free of war…but life in the WUN is a far cry from freedom.

Citizens of the WUN live under constant surveillance. The police are militarized. Elections are a farce. Those in power enact laws only to maintain their power, with no regard for the rights or best interest of people they govern. And NO ONE is allowed outside the Walls. No one, that is…except The Unforgiven.

Each night, the Triumvirate casts out the perpetrators of so-called unforgivable crimes–those they deem unworthy to live within the Walls of the WUN. Criminals, vagrants, and dissenters are banished to the Wildlands beyond the Walls, left to fend for themselves in the ruins of the old world. Outside of the WUN, they’ve taken the mantle thrust upon them: they are The Unforgiven. Their numbers are growing. And The Unforgiven want their world back.